3D printing

  • conceptual models, prototypes
  • small parts, pads and constituents
  • plastic casting molds and profiles
  • architectural models or furnishings
  • unique toy model accessories


We offer design, pre-print and printing services of 3D models. During the modeling and pre-print procces we cooperate with commercial, agricultural or industrial manufacturing companies that require 3D printing technologies. In case printing is carried out by other partners, we also accept orders for the 3D modeling of prototypes and components only.


Material used: Plastic (PLA), heat-resistant up to 140 ° C
Maximum print size per item: 150x150x150 mm
Depending on the purpose of use, we can add surface treatment (puttying, painting, varnishing) to the models printed by us. Surface treatment applied to finished items is not wear-resistant, so this technique is primarily recommended with decor items.

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