3D visualization

Using blueprints, designs or finalised models, we create 3D models, vehicles, components, articles, tools, buildings and digital 3D objects. We texturise and illuminate the models and their environment. As the outcome of the rendering process, functionality is highlighted and a photorealistic visualization is created.

Areas of use

  • architectural visualization
    garden design, home interiors, facade design, reconstruction of historic buildings or monuments, steel structures, roof structure, area plans and legends, street visualization, etc.
  • visualization of components, tools and prototypes
    exploded views based on technical drawings, complete technical product range for web shops (custom tube radiators, fireplaces, sanitary products, fans, fasteners, tools, DIY)
  • object modeling for game developers
    low-poly models creation, utility objects, vehicles, military equipment, plants
  • Musical instruments
    individual musical instruments, instrument makers' ideas, individual instrument paintings
  • interior design, furniture
    visualization of furnishings and furniture design
  • visualization of clothes and textiles
    custom shoes, eccentric articles of clothing, realistic visualisation of curtain and blanket drapes

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